The Power Windows Not Working?

Today power windows have replaced almost all manual windows and have become standard equipment in modern cars. This means that when the power windows not working on passenger side, you may need familiar with the car’s electrical system for repairs.

To help you solve these problems easier & faster, we’re sharing the Most 4 Common Reasons & efficiently tool our clients have summarized for why the car’s power windows don’t work & how to check it.

What’re Common Reasons Caused the Power Windows Not Working?


Reason #4: The Power Windows sticking in the tracks

When you find that the power windows not working properly, but occasionally get stuck in motion. You may need to press the power window button several times to get the window to “unstick” and move all the way to the closed or open position.

This is where the window glass itself is getting caught on the edge of the track.

In this case, you will want to lubricate the window track so that the window glass slides up and down smoothly.


Reason #3:Blown fuse or blown motor

You may need a circuit tester firstly, recommend getting a SigmaProbe circuit tester, a powerful tool and easy to use for activation & check the electrical system problem.

Sigmaprobe check power windows not working activate to test Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side? Check Solution

When you use the SigmaProbe circuit tester to activate a faulty window, what do you hear when you press the switch? If you hear a whirring or clicking sound, you know that power is going to the motor. But what if you don’t hear anything? That tells us that you have an electrical problem.

If the fuse associated with your power windows has blown, you may need to install a new one and use SigmaProbe circuit tester to check the entire system for problems. Or, the motor in the door itself may have blown, then you need to have the motor replaced.


Reason #2:Faulty window switch

If the power windows switch itself stops working, and the windows still don’t respond to the switch even though power is going to the window motor and the window motor is in good condition, the switch itself may be bad.

One way to figure out if the switch is bad is to try cranking up the window in another way – for example, if you suspect the power window not working on the passenger-side caused by the window switch is bad, try the driver-side switch and crank down the passenger-side window. If it works, you know the passenger-side switch is the problem.


Reason #1:Window regulator failure

The window regulator is the metal arm that connects the window glass to the window motor, both of which are located inside your car door.

After working for a long time, the window regulator can fail in various ways.  It may be disconnected from the motor, or from the window glass itself. Recommend use the Sigmaprobe circuit tester to check it as well.

Sigmaprobe check power windows not working on passenger side Power Window Not Working On Passenger Side? Check Solution

When the window regulator is damaged, a professional technician will need to disassemble the door to remove the old regulator and replace it with a new one.


Hope this experience & tools help you get car electrical repair more & easier. Thanks for the clients’ sharing.



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