VCDS 18.9 Download Free for Ross-Tech VCDS 18.9 VAG COM Cables

VCDS 18.9.0 Released, client can use the VCDS Original plan cable order from update online directly. VCDS 18.9.0 update from VCDS 18.2.1, Crack cable can not update online, will damage the cable. Need VCDS 18.9 vag com cable, or wanna update to VCDS 18.9, just download ross tech VCDS 18.9 software & loader as following.

VCDS 18.9 VAG COM Cable VCDS 18.9.0 VAG K+CAN USB Interface

VCDS 18.9 Banner  VCDS 18.9 Download Free for Ross Tech VCDS 18.9 VAG COM Cables

VCDS 18.9.0 Download Free: 

Mega Download Link:!QcNlQSoY!7fC4-smAkyPLRmr6R46yWXViu3vxzsXrd8hFVtgl6ss

VCDS original plan cable can update form official website directly:


VCDS 18.9 VAG COM 18.9 1 VCDS 18.9 Download Free for Ross Tech VCDS 18.9 VAG COM Cables


Release VCDS 18.9 works with Windows 7, 8, and 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)

  • Earlier versions of Windows such as 2000, XP, and Vista might still work, but we no longer consider them supported.
  • VCDS does not work on “Windows 10 S”, which does not allow software to be installed from any source other than the Microsoft Store. If wish to use VCDS on a computer with this “Student” version of Windows, you’ll need to upgrade it to Windows 10 Pro.
  • Windows running in a VM (Parallels, Virtual Box, etc) may work but is not supported.
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT4 definitely will not work.


Release 18.9 must be used with a licensed Ross-Tech interface.  That include all genuine HEX-, KEY-, KII-, or Micro-CAN series Interface of interfaces.

It does not work with any third-party interfaces or some of the older “low-tech” interfaces we made and sold before 2004.

If you’re a registered user and have an older low-tech interface, you should consider ross tech interface.

If you’re not ready for an interface upgrade, you’ll have to use VCDS-Lite instead.


The default installation folder is C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS\ 

It is essential NOT to install in the \Program Files\ tree in on systems running Windows Vista or newer.


To remove other old versions:

Versions prior to Release 704, simply delete the shortcuts from your Start menu and

Desktop and delete the folder(s) where the program was installed..

Release 704 and newer may be uninstalled using Windows’ Add/Remove Programs or by running the

The uninstall.exe program found in the folder with the version that you wish to remove.


Need VCDS 18.9.0 VAG-COM VCDS 18.9 Ross-Tech Register Interface Ross-Tech VCDS genuine interface just contact us freely.


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