Where to Get New Geko Certificate for Geko Online Access


Old Geko online license for Audi online coding expired, most client ask for help get new geko certificate from eobdtool.com. We try to offer new geko online license geko certificate for geko online access, which is available for client who buy the online service from us.


What’s the ODIS  Geko certificate & ODIS online account?


The ODIS certificate is for ODIS contacted to server, only license for input odis online coding account

The ODIS account is login and password, which is account working for online coding, need have certificate for enter it working.


How to offer Geko Online Certificate?

Kindly note: 

Geko certificate need pay for each installation. Need it just contact us freely.


odis certificate installation Geko Certificate Online License Update for ODIS Online Access


Eobdtool.com focus on offer OBD Tool & service, we have corporation dealer shops, also try to offer online account service for client need.

Anyone interested on odis online coding account enter by Teamviewer service,  just contact us freely.



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