DS150E Software with Keygen for Delphi/Autocom CDP+ no need activated by supplier. Eobdtool.com share DS150E Software download free and 2015.3 DS150E sotware for Delphi/Autocom installation guide.


V2015.R3 ds150 VCI with ds150 software and ds150 Keygen

2015R3 delphi software DS150e 2015.R3 Software for Delphi DS150E Installed Guide

How to installed 2015.R3 ds150e Software for Delphi/Autocom?


-TURN OFF your internet connection!

-Shut down antivirus software!

-Delete all files about the old version!1,copy “CARS 2015.R3 ” or “Trucks 2015.R3” to your computer.2,run main.exe in “CARS 2015.R3” to activate£ ̈if you want to install truck ,please run main.exe in “Trucks 2015.R3”)

– click start

– click yes to save FileActivation on desk

– use the 2015.3 keygen to active FileActivation

– click start again

– click no to open the FileActivation actived

– wait for install complete,enjoy!if you cnn’t run the 2015.3 keygen,please install [net-frame 4.0] from google


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