How to solved “wiTECH Device Connection Error”


One of wiTECH micropod 2 users got the error”wiTEch Device Connection Error”, share you how to solve it.


Chrysler wiTECH Micropod 2 Chrylser Diagnotic Tool Online Version

micropod 2 wiTECH2 Chrysler Micropod 2 Connection Error Solution


wiTEch Device Connection Error Show:


wiTEch Device Connection Error wiTECH2 Chrysler Micropod 2 Connection Error Solution


Possible reasons:

wiTECH Diagnostic Application was installed and used by a user with “administrative” privileges on the PC and subsequently a user account with standard/restricted privileges attempts to use the application. The standard user does not have access to a file named “device” under C: ProgramDatawiTECHWDE (On Windows 7/Windows 8) folder.

IP address conflicts/ network issue.

The VCI device may have entered to a state wherein it could not recover from an error condition.


How to Solve wiTech 2 wiTech micropod 2 wiTEch Device Connection Error?


1.Close wiTECH Micropod 2 Diagnostic Application.

2.Quit the wiTECH Server from the Windows System Tray

3.Login to the PC/Laptop with a user account that has administrative privileges

4.Locate the following directory on the PC/Laptop: C:ProgramDatawiTECHWDE (On Windows 7/Windows 8)

5.Right-click on the “device” file and select “Properties”

6.Select “Security” tab in the “device” file “Properties” window and select “Users” from the “Group or user names” section

If you do not see “Users” in the list of Groups, click on “Edit” button and click on “Add” button as shown below. Enter “Users” in the “Enter Object names to select” section and click on “Check Names” button and “OK” button to get the “Users” group added to the list of user groups.


7. Check the checkbox “Allow” for “Full control”. This will give full permission to all the Users of “device” file.


8. Click on “Apply” button and then click on “OK” button on the “Permissions” window and “device” file “Properties” window. Kindly note: we do not offer after-sales for the product from other suppliers, need any help pls keep your order number from ask for help. Thanks.


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