Faslink M2 OBD2 Scanner Features

FearueesFaslink M2 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter with Faslink App and Echo function help user hands free, Faslink M2 support smog check, battery test, MIL status, save report help user start first step to professional, Faslink M2 OBD2 Scanner compare with BlueDriver Lemur Vehicle Monitor, almost similar but only half cost of it. Faslink M2 OBD2 Scanner be regard as replace ELM327 completely perform more professional diagnosis.

Faslink M2 Faslink M2 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Features

Faslink M2 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Highlight:

First-time Using Guide ICON

Customer Sorting Logic of Operation is more Clear

Support Faslink Echo Senseless update( the data is invoked from the server)

Auti-loss function, when connection gets lost passively, the app will give an alarm automatically


FasLink M2 OBD2 Scanner Feature ?


Cheaper: Faslink M2 Only Half Cost of Similar Product BlueDriver Lemur vehicle monitor.

Easier to Use: Faslink M2 with User manual & Tips On help you for working, first time instruction guide function, much easier than dealer level diagnostic tool

Flexible: FasLink M2 with Echo & Bluetooth make diagnosis more flexible,

Multi-language: English German French Spanish Italian Japanese Russian

Anti-lost functions:App will alarm when Bluetooth disconnect

User- Friendly: FasLink M2 icon support user-defined sort, more convenient & friendly for working

Free Update: both software& firmware update online

Functional: MIL Status, Smog Check, battery test, lockup, Maintenance, save reports, vehicle information etc.

Larger Vehicle Coverage: support JOBD、EOBD, Bluedriver only support standard obd protocol

Faslink M2 Echo Function Faslink M2 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Features


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