FasLink M2 App VS. ELM327 TURQUE

New Generation obd2 Bluetooth adapter Faslink M2 released with FasLink M2 App regard replacement of ElM327 Mini. Both of the FasLink & M2 ELM327 Bluetooth OBD2 Scan tools is OBD2 adapter with App for working. What’s the different between FasLink M2 App & ELM327 TURQUE? Any advantage of FasLink M2 compare with ELM327 TURQUE? Eobdtool.com share FasLink M2 App VS. ELM327 TURQUE as following.


Faslink M2 Whats Difference Between FasLink M2 App & ELM327 TURQUE


What’s the Advantage of FasLink M2 App compare with ELM327?


1.FasLink App come with Echo Function which support Smart Voice control, ELM327 TURQUE do not support Smart voice control.

Faslink M2 Echo Function Whats Difference Between FasLink M2 App & ELM327 TURQUE

2.FasLink App base on IOS/Android, ELM327 TURQUE usual works on Android & Windows

Faslink M2 Flexible Whats Difference Between FasLink M2 App & ELM327 TURQUE

3.FasLink App Design Special for FasLink M2 more professional and better performance , ELM327 TURQUE compatible for multi-type elm327.

4. FasLink M2 App with Bluetooth 4.0: support one-click connection, achieving diagnostic & calling at the same time, ELM327 TURQUE with bluetooth 2.0 need setup connection.

5. FasLink M2 App Anti-lost function: FasLink M2 App will alarm when bluetooth disconnect

6. FasLink M2 App Icon support user-defined sort, more humanized performance which ELM327 TURQUE do not support

7. FasLink M2 App Multi-language: Operating processing support multi-language


More question about FasLink M2, just leave me message for it. Faslink M2 is seeking distributor, any interested welcome to inquiry.


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