Faslink M2 Compare With BlueDriver & Elm327 Mini

Faslink M2 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter as 2018 Best OBD2 Scan Tool support Faslink M2 Echo function & one-click Bluetooth connection replace Lemur Bluedriver OBD2 vehicle monitor & Elm327 MINI OBD2 Bluetooth adapters completely. Faslink M2 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter compares with BlueDirver Lemur & Elm327 mini share by eobdtool.com as following, hope it’s useful for Faslink M2 buying guide.


Faslink M2 OBD2 Scanner Faslink M2 OBD2 Bluetooth Replace Bluedriver Lemur Vehicle Monitors


Faslink M2 obd2 scanne packager 7 Faslink M2 VS. BlueDriver VS. ELM327 Mini 


Faslink M2 VS. BlueDriver VS. ELM327 Mini:

Faslink M2 BlueDriver ELM327
Price 59.99$ 99.95$ 5.99$
Outlook Faslink M2 obd2 scanner 3.1 Faslink M2 VS. BlueDriver VS. ELM327 Mini   bluedriver Faslink M2 VS. BlueDriver VS. ELM327 Mini   elm327 150x150 Faslink M2 VS. BlueDriver VS. ELM327 Mini 
Multi-language Yes No No
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth 2.0 Bluetooth 2.0
Operating System Android/IOS Android/IOS Android
Echo Control Yes No No
Read/Clear Codes Yes Yes Yes
Read Enhance Codes Yes Yes No
Read Manufacturer specific code Yes No No
MIL Status Yes No No
Oxygen sensor Yes No No
Mode 6 Yes Yes No
Freeze Frame Yes Yes No
Smog Check Yes Yes No
Battery Test Yes No No
Vehicle Info Yes No No
Live Data Yes Yes No
Saves Reports Yes No No
Maintanence Yes No No
DTC LookUp Yes No No
Falsh Light Yes No No
Tips On Yes No No
Support Car List American vehicles
European vehicles
Aisan vehicles
North American Vechicles American vehicles
European vehicles
Aisan vehicles
Software Update Update by App Update by App No
Firmware Update Yes No No
VCI Pins 16 pins Full 9 Pins Not Full 16 Pins
User Mannual Yes Yes No
Warranty 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year


Faslink M2 OBD2 Scanner, BlueDriver & Mini ELM327 comparison summary:


1. Faslimk M2 More Cheaper Than BlueDriver:

Faslimk M2 only half cost of BlueDriver OBD2 Scanner

2. Faslink M2 data transfer much more easier and faster than BlueDriver & ElM327 MINI:

Faslink M2 with Bluetooth 4.0 support one-click connection, BlueDriver Lemur vehicle monitor need 3 steps for bluetooth connection more complex. 

3. Faslink M2 support more car with than Lemur Bluedriver Bluetooth Professional OBD2 & ElM327 MINI: Faslink M2 Scanner with full 16 Pin Adapter, BlueDiver Professional  OBD2 lack some pins.

4. Faslink M2 more Powerful than Lemur BlueDriver vehicle monitor & ElM327 MINI:

Faslink M2 Echo function achieve Hands -Free when diagnosis Cars

Faslink M2 support MIL Status, Battery test, DTC lookup, Oxygen Sensor, Maintenance etc. which Lemur BlueDriver do not support.


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