CG Pro 9S12 Freescale Programmer CG Pro 9S12 3-in-1 Programmer

Where to get BMW CAS 4+ Key Programmer? Here recommend CG Pro 9S12 Freescale Programmer Support read and write any BMW CAS 1-4, Porsche BCM, Mercedes-Benz EIS, Audi BCM2 Etc. CG Pro 9S12 3-in-1 Programmer can generate a new key for BMW/Porsche after getting EEPROM data.  CG Pro 9S12 Freescale Programmer can replace CG10.

CG Pro 9S12 Freescale Programmer CG Pro 9S12 3-in-1 Programmer for BMW Land Rover

cg pro 9s12 freescale programmer 8 CG Pro 9S12 Freescale Programmer For BMW/Benz/Land Rover Key Programming

CG Pro 9S12 Support ECU IMMO List:

CAS4+     5M48H/1N35H    (9S12XEP100)
CAS4    1L15Y    (9S12XDP512)
CAS3    0L15Y/0M23S    (9S12XDP512 including CAS3+ series)
CAS3    0L01Y    (9S12DG256)
CAS2    0L01Y/2K79X    (9S12DG256)
CAS2/E66    0L01Y/2K79X    (9S12DG256)
CAS1    0K50E    (912DT128A Write FLASH data online)
EWS4    0L86D/1L86D/2L86D    (9S12DJ64)
EWS3    0D46J/2D47J    (MC68HC711EA9)
EWS2    1D47J    (MC68HC711EA9)
(Support read/write data above for mileage correction and immobilizer reset )

EIS   211  ST12 3L40K/1L59W/4L40K/1L85D/0L85D/2L85D/
EIS   211  HC12  0K50E/3K91D
EIS   209  ST12   3L40K/1L59W/4L40K/1L85D/0L85D/2L85D/
EIS  209  HC12  0K50E/3K91D
EIS   215  ST12   3L40K/1L59W/4L40K/1L85D/0L85D/2L85D/
EIS   215  HC08  2J74Y/4J74Y/1J35D(Can directly reset EIS data with 08 adapter;and read write EEPROM without extra adapter)
EIS    220     HC05  0D53J/0D59J/0D62J/0D69J/0F62J/0F82B/0G47G/0H51A/1D59J/1D69J/1H52A/2D20J/2D59J
EIS   210     HC05   0D53J/0D59J/0D62J/0D69J/0F62J/0F82B/0G47G/0H51A/1D59J/1D69J/1H52A/2D20J/2D59J
EIS      203  HC08  1J35D/2J74Y/4J74Y
EIS       164  ST12   3L40K/4L40K/1L59W/0L85D/1L85D/2L85D
EIS       169  ST12   3L40K/4L40K/1L59W/0L85D/1L85D/2L85D
EIS       639  ST12   0L01Y
EIS      639  HC08  0L02M/1L02M/4J74Y/1J35D/2J74Y
EIS       199  ST12   3L40K/4L40K/1L59W/0L85D/1L85D/2L85D
EIS       230  ST12   3L40K/4L40K/1L59W/0L85D/1L85D/2L85D
(Support all above data read/write for mileage correction and immobilizer reset)

Roewe 750 IMMO   0M89C  (Read/Write)

Land Rover:
EWS  ST12   3L40K/4L40K/5L40K
RFA   9S12XEQ384      (1M12S 2M12S 1M53J 2M53J ) 9S12XET512  ( 3M53J  2M53J 1M53J)

Support Dash Type:

Domestic cars 9S12 dash
Land Rover

Audi        A4/A5/Q5-BCM      NEC               D70F3634/D70F3380
Audi        ELV      HC08GR        4L35K

Key Programming:

BMW             CAS3             YES
BMW            CAS3+           YES
BMW        CAS4            YES
BMW         CAS4+           YES
BMW            EWS4
BMW          EWS3
BMW          EWS2
Porsche 911               BCM              YES
Porsche Boxster        BCM              YES
Porsche Cayman       BCM              YES
Porsche Panamera        BCM          YES
Porsche Cayenne          BCM          YES
Porsche Macan             BCM           YES
(Program key via eeprom data)


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