How to Choose the Land Rover Diagnostic tools? JLR Mongoose or JLR VCI?

Land Rover Diagnostic tool JLR mongoose as popular tool with JLR SDD work for Land Rover diagnostics. As the JLR VCI3 JLR diagnostic tool hot sales, more customer inquiry for JLR VCI or JLR mongoose should be choosed? Here share how to choose the Land Rover Diagnostic tools.

JLR VCI 3 Jaguar/Land Rover Diagnostic Tool with V151 SDD Installed on Panasonic CF19 Laptop Full Set

15168758652 Land Rover Diagnostic Tool JLR Mongoose or JLR VCI?

JLR Mongoose VS. JLR VCI

JLR Mongoose as Land Rover diagnostic interface work with JLR SDD for JLR Vehicle diagnostics perfectly.

JLR VCI 3 1:1 clone with JLR SDD support Land rover diagnostic & programming functions. JLR VCI3 with Land rover online programming account work for Land Rover online coding.

Here recommend you JLR VCI 3 Jaguar/Land Rover Diagnostic Tool with V151 SDD Installed on Panasonic CF19 Laptop Full Set:


JLR VCI for Jaguar and Land Rover:


Hardware: JLR VCI 3 Clone

Software Version: V151 (HDD/SSD can choose option)

Operating System: Windows XP/Windows 7 32-Bit operating system

Support Multi-language: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese(Brazil), Dutch, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified

Update: send back HDD for update, cannot update online


JLR VCI 3 Clone for Jaguar and Land Rover Features:


-Hardware & Software & laptop full set all configuration and test ready to use

-Support online coding via dealer account (need dealer account login service, just check here>>)

-Jaguar Land Rover approved device

-Replacement for JLR SDD VCI

-Covers CAN, MultiCAN, ISO9141 and SCP Vehicle Networks

-Suitable for Legacy, current and future vehicles

-Easy to update for J2534 new functionality kindly note, JLR VCI Clone is suitable for all JLR vehicle models with the following exceptions:


1. Flash programming of Engine Control Modules (ECMs) on XJS and pre-2003 XJ and XK models (AJ16, AJ26, AJ27 engines).

2. Simultaneous logging of ECM and TCM datalogger signals on 2006 Range Rover


Any need for JLR VCI Land Rover diagnostic tool JLR scan tool just contact us freely.


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