VCDS HEX-V2 Dual-K+CAN USB Interface support Multi-language

VCDS HEX-V2 Cable come with Multi-language VCDS crack software. HEX-V2 Dual-K+CAN USB Interface Compatible with all diagnostic-capable VW/Audi passenger cars from 1996 to currnet, HEX-V2 VCDS K+CAN cable new Improved car side connector, VCDS Hex-V2 with Fast Operation on CAN based models than our older generation tool. share the VCDS HEX-V2 New feature as following.

VCDS HEX-V2 Cable Multi-language VCDS HEX-V2 Intelligent Dual-K+CAN USB Interface

VCDS HEX V2 Dual KCAN USB Interface 4 VCDS HEX V2 USB Interface With Multi Language VCDS Released

Multi-language VCDS HEX-V2 Cable Overview:

Software Version: VCDS V17.1.3  or VCDS 17.8.0

Support Language: English/Danish/German/Spanish/French/Italian/Hungarian/polish/Romanian/Russian /Portuguese/Sweden

Supported Vehicle List: For AUDI VW SEAT SKODA

System Requirements: A 1.5 GHZ dual core processor with 1 Gb of RAM and Windows 7 or newer (Windows 7 through 10, but not RT) with an available USB 2.0 (or higher) port.


VCDS VAG COM HEX-2 Kable with Crack VCDS multi-language included in CDs as following:

CN Chinese 17.1.3

EN English 17.8

NEZ Danish 17.8

DE German 17.8

EST Spanish 17.1.3

FRM French 17.8

ITT Italian 17.1.3

HGJ Hungarian, 17.8

AKP polish 17.1.3

ROJ romanian, 17.8

RUS Russian 17.1.3

PTT Portuguese 17.1.3

AER Sweden 17.8


Why Choose VCDS HEX-V2 Intelligent Dual-K+ CAN USB Interfacefrom

* USB connection for compatibility with all modern laptops.

* Compatible with all diagnostic-capable VW/Audi passenger cars from 1996 to currnet; K, K+L, dual-K, or CAN.

* Detachable USB cable. The supplied cable has a proprietary screw locking mechanism, but it can be replaced temporarily with with a standard USB-A to USB-B (“printer”) cable should it become damaged.

* Modern 32-bit micro-controller and fully updateable firmware.

* 12 month guarantee against defects in workmanship or materials.


Any need of VCDS HEX-v2 Cable Multi-language VCDS HEX-V2 Dual-K+CAN USB Interface just contact us freely.


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