Super DSP3 Mileage Programmer Super DSP3 Odometer Correction Tool

Super DSP3 support mileage correction for Audi/Vw/Seat/Skoda/Porsche/Mercedes/Volvo. What VAG Car does the Super DSP3 mileage programmer support? Did the super dsp3 add Vag Group car after 2014.06? Here share Super dsp3 odometer correction FAQ as following, hope it helpful for Super DSP3 mileage correction.


Super DSPIII OBD Tool Super DSP3 Mileage Programmer Super DSP3 Odometer Correction

Super DSPII Super DSP3 For Audi/Vw Mileage Correction Application

Super DSP3 Mileage Programmer FAQ:

Q: Super DSP3 support new continental vdo cluster golf or not?

A: Yes, it support new continental vdo cluster golf. Super DSP3 support GOLF 7, 2014 NEC35XX (VDO) & GTI 2014 NEC35XX VDO 5TH  mileage programming via OBD adapter.


Q: Did the Super dsp3 add cars vag group after 06 2014 year
vdo and continental?
VW platform MQBAB – (Continental/VDO) from 6/2014 – covered software to 8XXX:

VW Golf Sportsvan from 06/2014
VW Golf Mk7 from 06/2014

VW e-Golf
VW Passat B8 (3G)
VW Polo Mk5 (6C)
VW Tiguan Mk2 (5NA)
VW Touran Mk2 (5TA)
this I need

A: Super DSP3 for mileage correction support Audi (NEC+24C64) 06.2014 till now

Super DSP3 for mileage correction support Vw(NEC+24C64)06.2014 tiil Now

Super DSP3 for mileage programmer support VAG Car after 2014.6 till 2017


Q: Super DSP3 in the future is updateble?

A: Super DSP3 mileage programmer can not update online, future if have software update, can only send back for update.


Q: Does Super DSP3 support BMW odometer correction?

A: Sorry, Super DSP3 mileage programmer DO NOT support BMW odometer correction, due to Super DSP3 work for mileage correction via OBD adapter. BMW car odometer correction usual need take off the DASH from car, can choose R280 programmer for BMW mileage programming.

R280 Plus CAS4+ BDM Programmer R280+ BMW Mileage Programmer

R280 Plus bmw BDM programmer R280 bmw mileage programmer 1 Super DSP3 For Audi/Vw Mileage Correction Application

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