GM/OPEL GDS2 Diagnostic Tool Buying Guide

GM Multiplexer have Vetronix GM tech 2, GM TECH3 MDI for sale, which both special for GM diagnostic and programming. Recently Customer inquiry for VXDIAG GM VCX NANO GM/OPEL GDS2 diagnostic tool. Here share the customer question and answer as following.
14513774305 VXDIAG VCX NANO GM Multiple GM/OPEL GDS2 Diagnostic Tool FAQ
I saw the “VXDIAG GM VCX NANO Multiple GM/OPEL GDS2 Diagnostic Tool WIth GDS2 and Tech2Win Software” tool on your website that I was hoping to use for my USA version 2013 Chevrolet Volt. I have some questions, please:
  1. Does it come with GDS2 software, and does it require activation? (can I use it for programming without an online account?)
  2. What version of GDS2 does it come with?
  3. Is it compatible with Windows 10? (for the GDS2 software)
  4. Will it work on my USA version 2013 Chevrolet Volt?
Thank you for your help,

Hello friend,

Thanks for your message. For your question the answer as following:

1. It come with GDS2, no need activation, it can not working for programming without online account.
2. GDS2 Version: V2016.1.0
3. It had better installed on Window 7
4. It work on USA version Chevrolet 2013

If you need it, can order it on our website directly.Any question just let me know freely. Thanks.

Best Wishes
If customer need GM TECH 2 or GM MDI for GM/OPEL/Chevrolet, just got check them below.
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