ISTA D 4.07.13 BMW Rheingold Software Download Free

BMW Rheigold software with ISTA D ISTA P Software for BMW diagnostic. share BMW Diagnostic Software ISTA D 4.07.13 download link here. Customer can check BMW rheingold download link as belowing. Kindly note, unknown security! Pls try the BMW ISTA download on your own risk.


rheingold BMW ista software list 1024x768 BMW Rheingold ISTA D 4.07.13 BMW Diagnostic Software


(08/25/2017) Free download BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.07.13 Standalone with ISTA data, for BMW diagnostics, coding, programming:

ISTA-D 4.07.13 Standalone download free:!LNAWyI6a!fFLns3nUa-snYcu49Jxfjg       unknown security!!

Without SQLiteDBs, FASTA & HW check disabled.

License & regfiles included.


BMW_ISPI_ISTA-APP_4.07.13.20911 & ISTA-DATA_4.07.12 download:!FlYAFK7L!qlgv72WeROL2OwFR2gP77w

unknown security!










BMW rheingold download ista d 1 BMW Rheingold ISTA D 4.07.13 BMW Diagnostic Software


ISTA-D 4.05.32 ISTA-P 3.61.5 Windows 7 download: BMW Rheingold ISTA D ISTA P BWM Diagnostic Software Tested & Safe to use! Works great!!

BMW rheingold download ista d 2 BMW Rheingold ISTA D 4.07.13 BMW Diagnostic Software

BMW rheingold download ista d 3 BMW Rheingold ISTA D 4.07.13 BMW Diagnostic Software

BMW ISTA-D 4.07.13 Review:


16gb ram, Core I5, 1tb disk (win7 64 bit)
Ista-d has always been running like a charm


i have also check the new ista
all is running and no problems with delete mistakes
i5 4GB RAM


Standalone version would be great!


There is 2 firmware for ICOM A1-A3, for ICOM NEXT not.


Updated. No issues.

BMW rheingold download ista d 4 BMW Rheingold ISTA D 4.07.13 BMW Diagnostic Software



Q: Does anyone have License for ISPI Admin Client

A: Check here:!NNZEhSAZ!EL142xuK8Hnaq_QFXuXbVleGt5Is-QO4mMUQELXUaMc

New Firmware for Icom Next!vopC3IAI!MfacbUE8DR-q192YpyahvlrThH5FFLsjqpzHSJFT-Bk

For people who want to use the web interface instead.


Q: can’t I for examle update my ECU with sp-daten files using K+DCAN cable using Winkfp ? since it can be done using the same method but with another adapter like “iCarly’ ? I mean why acn’t I program using K+DCAN cable with ISTA P since ICOM is more expensive

A: Carly is a bluetooth device. K+DCAN cable will not work for two reasons; it cannot communicate over “most” interface (multimedia ECU’s) and would potentially take days to program with higher rate of likely failure. An BMW ICOM A2 emulator is less expensive than replacing an ECU.


Q: my question was: is fw-03-15-02 an officially update for icom? Or is here something modded, like “03-15-00-unprotected” or so? Because there is only one file different to 03-15-00. In the past there was always two different files.

A: Official.


Q: I tried it out, and it works fine. But after deleting some error codes, it froze, but after I restarted the program, the codes were erased, is there any specific reason why that happened?

A: If you are using a INPA k+Dcan interface, you might need a Voltage Control tool in order to properly close the operation.
If not, you might have some issues with your local installation and/or software environment and/or prerequisites needed for ISTA D.


Q: I just wanna ask about the difference between the ISTA\D or P , ISTA+ and ISPI_ISTA ?? because I have a BMW E60 535XI 2008 and I wanna choose the best option for my car to diagnose or program , and also can I use that program with a K-DCAN OBD II cable which is the same I use for coding or I need to use another one ?

A: ISTA/D is for diagnostics of all BMW’s, Mini, and RR. It can only program Fxx/Ixx/Gxx-series BMW. For E-series, you can use K+DCAN USB cable with ISTA+ for diagnostics, but you need ICOM and ISTA-P or Winkfp for programming.


Q: I’m trying to update SDP but from all files only German language was updated.

I’m doing that all the time but now I have problem and I can solve myself.

What I’m doing wrong?

A: It does not look like anything is updated. You must have xml’s and istapackage for it to work.


Q: Now can you please guide me on what and where to buy a good quality of ICOM as I read that ICOM A+B+C is good but I really don’t know how much does it cost and from where to buy it since I saw some on AliExpress but I don’t trust Chinese quality.


ICOM A: main interface
ICOM B: adapter for programming multimedia in E series
ICOM C: adapter for old BMW with round 20 pin diagnostic plug
ICOM D: adapter for motorcycles

You can purchase directly from dealerships; though not sure they are still selling A2’s. If you read the ISTA-P release notes, you will see that next does not always work for E-series. Or, have a try ICOM here: so far, this HQ ICOM worked no issues for years. Bought when they are


Q: I have now installed and changed old ISTA with new 4.07 but now ISTA says that data are incompatible?

A: It is normal, you only update databases, you have not updated ISTA APP Current ISTA version should be the same as thread title after you apply Reg fix included with standalone. just install new ISTA and solved.


More question of BMW diagnostic tool BMW ICOM A2 and BMW Diagnostic software rheingold BMW software, just feel free to let us know freely.


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