Vpekcer Android VS. XTUNER-X500


Today the customer who inquiry Vpecker Android, and customer said no when our sale recommend Vpecker eaydiag, finally sales from eobdtool.com help whom to find out Xtuner X500 is what customer want exactly. Now we help customer distinguish XTUNER X500 and Vpecker here.

XTURN X500 Do you have Vpecker Android?

XTUNER X-500, it’s new generation scanner, same shell looks like Vpecker. But it’s much more different between XTUNER X500 and Vpekcer.


Different 1(Colors):

XTUNER X500: Red

Vpecker: Green/Black


Different 2(Operating System):

XTUNER X500: Android system, can installed on phone, make your phone turn to auto scanner

Vpecker: PC based, window xp, window 7,8,10


Different 2(Functions):

XTUNER X500: Xtuner X-500 with multi-functions, such as Oilrest, immo, ABS BLEEDING, Injector, TPMS, Battery and EPB etc.

Vpecker: easydiag vpecker focus on diagnostic function, read and erase fault code etc.


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