How to Installed & Activate Autodata 3.45

Autodata 3.45 is last version autodata, crack autodata 3.45 is update version and more full database than Autodata 3.38. Here offer Autodata 3.45 crack version free download link and installation guide for customers. The Autodata 3.45 must be use after activation, so pls offer us your hardware ID after you installed the Autodata 3.45.


Autodata 3.45 Free Download Link:!MJ421TYC!kyyt_xXrOEluDADmJj7V5A

Pls kindly note: Autodata 3.45 need activate after installed, 39usd/time for activation.

Autodata 3.45 Autodata 3.45 Free Download and Installation Guide offer Autodata 3.45 installed on HDD ready to use for sale, NO need installed and activation, just plug HDD into laptop for use.


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What need prepare before installed Autodata 3.45?


1. system requirementwindows 7 32bit or 64bit

2. Download Autodata 3.45 from above download link

3. Close all anti-virus program


Then following here to installed it:

a. After finishing downloading, pls unzip software package (upzip password: MCDiag@)

Tips: After unzip, you could get the installation vidoe like the following picture showed:


161212110827773 Autodata 3.45 Free Download and Installation Guide
b. Install the software (installation password: MCDiag AutoData 2014)
autodata 3.45 installation Autodata 3.45 Free Download and Installation Guide

c. Following the installation video, you will get the license like the following picture show, then send the license to us, we could help get your activation code.

autodata 3.45 hardware ID Autodata 3.45 Free Download and Installation Guide


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