Just like most of you know, Modern automobiles come equipped with OBD-II (On-board Diagnostics). OBD-II is a more advanced management system; professionals and home mechanics can connect to the car ECU system via this diagnostic port.

You can also use a computer or laptop instead of a handheld scanner, however, you still need a tool.  And most laptop diagnostic software is more advanced than handheld scanners, offering the ability to monitor engine performance, as well as read trouble codes.

For the following, we will introduce some poperly scan tool for your information.

1 VAG COM Cable   which allows you to turn a Windows PC into a powerful diagnostic tool for VW/Audi/SEAT/Skoda vehicles from 1990 through the latest models.

2 Autocom cdp pro it is a PC based OBD II diagnostic tool with full functionality for reading and erasing diagnostic fault codes (DTC), real-time data, activations of components, adjustments and so on. CDP Pro supports 16 pole (J1962) diagnostic socket and handles all known communications standards for vehicle diagnostics.

Of course, there are a lot of scan tool on the www.eobdtool.com. How to choose one that meet your needs? You just need to know 4 points
1) what functions I want to realize?
2) What is my car model and car made year?
3) I want to get a cheap one tool or a valuable one?
4) I am professional or amateurish?

And you can get the professional advise from the shop where you tend to buy.

Last, hope you can get the best auto tool for you.

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