Japan ZMP”OBD II/CAN-B”, a new OBD II tool , which can achieve the vehicle data's cloud transfer.

Img349489040 thumb Japan ZMP“OBD II/CAN B”


According to Japanese media, Japan's ZMP (ZMP INC.) Has recently started selling dual-channel CAN Bluetooth radio transceiver the OBD II / CAN-B. Oriented corporate sales price at 84,000 yen (U.S. $ 1,073.61), for academics and engineers personal sales price at 52,500 yen (about $ 671.00).

Img349489041 thumb Japan ZMP“OBD II/CAN B”

It is said that, "OBD II / CAN-B" can be installed in the vehicle diagnostic connector "OBDII" vehicle ECU information obtained from the CAN-BUS, the user can obtain from the other CAN-BUS installation in the caror the driver's body any sensor information. Also, synchronization of the flow of data in the CAN-BUS network, and add a time stamp. The data can be transferred immediately by dual Bluetooth module and avoid losing via smart phones, tablet devices, computers, vehicle data recorder and other equipment in real time stored in the cloud server.

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