In the market,there are many brands and various type for you to choose.if you are a newbie to  obd tools.maybe you ‘ll face a problem “what brand and types auto code reader do I need for my car?”.today, will share some tips on you.hope these to help you buy appropriate scan tools.
1. Did this code reader cover your vehicle?
when you view the code reader,the first thing you should consider is “Will it work on my vehicle?”.Although it’s true that OBDII system is a standard, there are five different types of hardware communications used by OBDII vehicles. Some tools support all five and some are manufacturer you should check.if you can’t see whether it support your car in product should ask the deal or buy from another that have clearly instruction.
2. function support
if a code reader support many and complicated ‘ll more useful to diagnostic cars.but as a junior DIYER, we usually need a general code reader,advance scan tool not suit for newbie,it designed for car repair shop or advance when you choose,you just need take under $100 buy a code reader that enough for you.after you improve your level,you can buy a advance scan tool,professional diagnostic tools,ecu programmer and etc.
3. Does it support upgrade?
every year vehicle manufacturers may release new models and revise existing models. so if you want your scan tool to fully support the new vehicles, it must be updated. Professional quality scan tools are updateable.
4. Come with a user manual?
For anyone working on his or her own vehicle, the Factory Service Manual or owner manual is a must-have. But the scantool itself may be able to provide some of that necessary information. When a trouble code is set, does the tool display the DTC number or give the full definition? A tool that displays the full definition will save a lot of time and frustration. Does the tool offer any information on typical readings to explain what the reading is?if don’t, you can look up on the category “OBD-II dtc codes lookup” of our blog,search obd trouble codes,obd dtc codes.obd trouble codes for your vehicle’s model,brand or on the to get info.
5. Can save diagnostic datas?
when park your car in a ditch to try and watch a code reader display while doing a roadtest. A tool that saves data can allow safe viewing back at the garage. it is a must function. Be certain that the tool you buy has this capability.

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